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Sticker Club of the Month: MPDesigns Co.

Welcome to Sticker Club of the Month: Our shop of the is MP Designs
Name:  Margie Parkinson
Shop:MPDesign Co. Website:
IG: @mpdesignsco
Facebook Group (if applicable):

Location: Richland, Washington

Tell us a little about you (i.e. childhood, career, everyday life, family).
Born and raised in Utah, currently living in Richland, Washington. Mom of three adorable kids, oldest daughter is 15, son is 12 and youngest daughter is 8. Wife to an amazing man and father. Some years ago (no one’s counting) I decided that I needed to further my education to support my little family. At the time, I was a single mom struggling to make ends meet. I enrolled at a local community college to pursue my degree in accounting. It was during this time, while trying to balance work, school and being a mommy, that I discovered my passion for planning. I have always been a crafty-type person, I love all things glitter and love spending time doing little crafty …