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What would your selfie look like: Taking care of self!!!

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Good Morning Everyone,

Have you every looked at your nails and feet and think, I need to get a mani and pedi done asap. Well I have just the thing for you. Not sure you if have heard of Groupon but I am going to show you how to get a good deal in your local area for Health, Beauty, and Wellness items from Groupon.

I have used Groupon in the past for several things they always have great deals and good prices on the items that you are looking for.

Today we are talking about taking care of self. One of the ways that I take care of self is by getting or doing my nails. Awhile back I came across a deal for nail polish. I was too excited so I purchased two. Check out the pictures at the bottom of the post. There are some great finds on Groupon.  So search the link today to see what great things you may come across to fit your Health, Beauty, or Wellness needs. That could be some new nail polish, some new makeup, and some to start your…

Chatting with Mrs. B: Healthy Face

Hello Everyone,

Today we are talking with Mrs. Beatrice Warren about Face Care. We all know that it is important to take care of our face, but how we should do it may be a little muddled. Of course we know we need to wash it, but do you apply toner, moistures, etc. Well I chatted with Mrs. B on keeping a healthy face. Check out our conversation below:

 1. How often should you wash your face?

Wash/cleanse face twice daily.
 2. Besides washing your face should you be doing anything else?

 Yes, in addition to cleansing face one should apply moisturizer daily and if available a day & night cream as well.

 3. How important is moisturizing? How do your figure out the best one to use for your skin?

Moisturizer is important because it hydrates the skin. You figure out the best one depending on your skin type and the use the moisturizer designed for  your skin.
 4. Which Mark Kay face product do you recommend the most?

I recommend cleanser and moisturizer the most.
 5. Should you have a face routi…

Fall Fun Festivals: Fifer Orchards, DE

There is nothing better than a fall festival with family and friends. Here in Delaware there are several fall festivals Fifer Orchards Fall Fest and Apple Scrapple just to name a few. This year me and my friend Jakiya took the kids to Fifer Orchards Fall Fest. Let me start by saying the kids had a blast. They have all kinds of activities. Although we didn't get to do the corn maze because we got there later than we expected.

Love the theme they had this year which was Charlie Brown's 50th year Anniversary so the corn maze was in Charlie Brown theme. Fifer Orchard's has a store where you can buy products such as apple cider, pumpkins, apple butter and apple cider donuts. They also had a vendor selling roast corn on the cob. It looked and smelled so delicious. But when we go there it was sold out. But don't worry we planned another trip before the all Fest is over and corn is on my to do list.

So some of activities included where slide, zip line,  tire tumblers, Volley…

Review: Gear Ultimate: Natural Fruit Infuser Pitcher

Hello Everyone,

Today we are here to talk about the Natural Fruit Infuser Pitcher. I have been putting fruit in mason jar and infusing them with lemons, strawberries, and oranges. All I hear from the kids are can I have some. So I get them out a mason jar and start the process again. Well now I don't have to. I can make a pitcher and we all can share.

This pitcher is great fits perfectly in the fridge. I like the fact that it has the ice holder, have not used it yet but, I'm excited because we make a lot of tea during the summer time. I would recommend this product to my friends especially my sister she does lemon water all the time. Might be on her Christmas list. If you would like to purchase this product please use this link: Purchase Link

Hope you enjoy Hugs Keisha
The owner of this blog receive this product in exchange for a review. Even though the owner of this blog receives this product for posts or advertisements, I always give opinions.  The views and opinions expres…

What we all need more of motivation!!!!

Hello Everyone,

On my way home I realized that we need more motivation in our lives. Their are some of us that are in those front line jobs (case managers, teachers, state workers, police, fire fighters the list could go on for days) who don't always get that you did a great job today. So we need to remember to always keep our motivation bank up. You ask what is a motivation bank? I am by no means a motivational speaker, but I realize the needs for this in our everyday lives. A motivational bank is when you fill your motivation meter up so you are always on full. Below are some things that you can do to keep your motivation bank full:

Keep a journal listing all the good things that happened each dayPut post-its on your desk at work and mirrors at home with motivation quotes ( such as you did a great job today, Smile and make someone else's day)It may sound crazy but just asking someone how their day went and really listening, it makes them and you feel good. Believe me I do th…

Million Dollar Question: Are you getting enough sleep!!!!

Sleep as a child you never wanted to do, and as an adult you can never get enough off. So the question of the day is are you getting enough sleep you be the judge. Take a week and write down what time you get up and what time you go to sleep in a little note pad by your bed This will help you really judge if you are getting enough sleep to rejuvenate your body. So your thinking what does she mean? Well, let's talk about what happens to your body if you are not getting enough sleep

Effects of not getting enough sleep on your brain:
Effects brain functionEffects your ability to learn and remember new thingsEffects your attention spanHas been linked to depressionCould effect your decision making skills Effect your ability to control your emotions That last one make me think, if I am tired I am extra crabby and I really get irritated quickly. Have you thought about how much sleep you need? Check how much sleep your body needs, by going to bed at 9pm one day, 10pm the next day, and 11p…

Author Interview: Jaymin Eve (Author of Dragon Marked)

Hello Everyone,

Today Jaymin Eve stopped by to talk to us a little about herself and her Supernatural Prison Series:

1. How did you come up with the storyline for Supernatural Prison series?

 It started with an idea about supernatural criminals. I wondered about a world where there were hidden towns which bordered specially designed prisons. Initially I planned on the main protagonist being a female who was hidden away for her protection. Came back right at the time of the drama. But then I decided that I was sick of the lead always being ignorant to her own world and powers, so I created Jessa. Someone who was confident, and educated and already a kickbutt shifter. Surrounded her with the strongest of packs, and the rest is history.

2. How did you come up with the characters in your books?

They almost write themselves. I have basic ideas about the sort of character I need for this particular storyline, and then give them some defining features. After this they write themselves and during…

Spotlight on Archangel Series (Giveaway: *Signed Copy of Archangel's Enigma*)

This is one of my favorite series. I enjoy the intensity of the characters, the story line and the world that Nalini Singh has created. I hope you take the time to read some of the books and enter to win your very own signed copy of Archangel's Enigma (so jealous!!) but enjoy. Please comment and let me know if you have read the books and what's your favorite one in the series?

Book 1
Vampire hunter Elena Deveraux is hired by the dangerously beautiful Archangel Raphael. But this time, it’s not a wayward vamp she has to track. It’s an archangel gone bad.

The job will put Elena in the midst of a killing spree like no other—and pull her to the razor’s edge of passion. Even if the hunt doesn’t destroy her, succumbing to Raphael’s seductive touch just may. For when archangels play, mortals break.

Book 2

Vampire hunter Elena Deveraux wakes from a year-long coma to find herself changed - an angel with wings the colors of midnight and dawn - but her fragile body needs time to heal b…

Spotlight: A Tale Well Travelled

A Tale Well Travelled by Susan Horsnell, Margaret Tanner, Cherry Shephard, Kathleen Kelly & Dzintra Sullivan Join the Reading Revolution! Release Date: October 14 When young archaeology student, Mitchell, discovers some unusual items, while digging up a paddock, he believes it could be a major find. Following his instinct Mitchell risks his job and refuses to dig any further until Professor Phinneus Groves, the most respected archaeologist from the university gives him the all clear. Will the find be significant? What tale do they have to tell? YOU now sit at the crossroads, YOU are in control, YOU have five unique tales to follow. Which way will you go?

Amazon Universal |B&N | Kobo | Scribd | Inktera Chapter OneTwo more hours and I can get off the damn front loader and go for a beer. Digging dirt for a new housing development is as boring as hell and, after ten straight days