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Welcome to Sticker Club of the Month: Our shop of the is MP Designs

Name:  Margie Parkinson
Shop:  MPDesign Co.
IG: @mpdesignsco

Facebook Group (if applicable):

Location: Richland, Washington

Tell us a little about you (i.e. childhood, career, everyday life, family). 

Born and raised in Utah, currently living in Richland, Washington. Mom of three adorable kids, oldest daughter is 15, son is 12 and youngest daughter is 8. Wife to an amazing man and father. Some years ago (no one’s counting) I decided that I needed to further my education to support my little family. At the time, I was a single mom struggling to make ends meet. I enrolled at a local community college to pursue my degree in accounting. It was during this time, while trying to balance work, school and being a mommy, that I discovered my passion for planning. I have always been a crafty-type person, I love all things glitter and love spending time doing little crafty things and projects. But life became super overwhelming while I was putting myself through school. My planner became my lifeline in keeping it all together. Of course, back then I hadn’t been introduced to the wonderful (yet addicting) world of sticker, washi tape, etc. it was just my planner, some highlighters and colorful markers. (Did I mention I LOVE pens/notebooks/markers…anything office supply related? Craft stores and office supply stores are my Disneyland).

Fast forward to just a few years ago when I stumbled upon an image of a decorated planner spread that was on my Pinterest feed. Aaaaand, I was hooked. It was so beautiful! And so creative! It didn’t take me long to start scouring Pinterest for planner-related posts, ideas and images of all the beautiful spreads! After side-eyeing my plain and boring planner for a couple of weeks, I decided it was time to pimp my planner. I splurged and bought my first Erin Condren. It was then that my addiction to stickers and planning came to be. It was also around that time that I struggled finding a sticker kit that included everything I wanted in a kit for my planning style. I thought maybe my planning style was weird, so I changed it up. Several times. I bought different planners, switched layouts, etc. It was during this time that I discovered that I have commitment issues when it comes to planners, as I really struggled to find planner peace. I didn’t like that there were stickers unused from the kits I purchased and that I found myself wishing for different stickers in a kit. I didn’t want to order everything separately, as I have a thing about needing all things matching.

It was then that I decided that I needed to make my own stickers. So I did. After receiving a lot of compliments from friends, co-workers and anyone else who happened to see my planner spreads, it was suggested that I should design and sell planner stickers. LIGHTBULB! I launched MPDesigns Co. on Etsy in November of 2016. It was February of this year that I left my job in accounting to focus on my shop full-time. We relocated to Washington, so it was perfect timing all around.

Now, I spend every day doing what I absolutely love! I am a full-time shop owner/crafter/sticker addict/mom of 3/wife of awesome hubby and father.  


1. What motivated you to open (name of shop)? How long have you been open? 

Opened in November of 2016, I was motivated to design my own stickers so that I could cater to how I prefer to plan. I began selling stickers after receiving compliments and requests from friends/co-workers.

2. What is your favorite sticker from your collection?
I recently released a Wonderland kit, which by far is one of my favorites. It’s watercolor ombre with adorable clipart and gorgeous colors! Second favorite would be my Chubby Unicorn collection.

3. How often do release new items?

Kits are released every Wednesday and functional/icon stickers are released every Sunday. For the most part. There have been times when life has gotten particularly crazy and I’ve had to skip a week of new releases. 😊

4. When you aren't busy with your shop or planning, what would we find you doing? 
I’m a mom and wife so the chaos never ends. I’m usually found catching up on chores, laundry (it’s never-ending), working on other craft projects, journaling or sneaking away for some “Me Time” at Michael’s, Hobby Lobby or Joann’s.

5. What are some exclusive items in your shop a planner wouldn't find anywhere else? What makes your shop unique? 

All of my stickers are customizable. I accept custom orders in addition to providing the option to customize the items I already have listed. My customers have the ability to specify how they want their kits, if they want wording changed, specific stickers added or removed, less of this, more of that, etc. I even have a few customers who have requested changes to the monthly kits so they are able to use them for a different month. I truly want to be able to offer sticker kits catered to specific planning styles so my customers get the most bang for their buck.

In addition to customizations, I also offer sizing options for multiple planners, including but not limited to:

Erin Condren Vertical & Horizontal

Erin Condren Deluxe Monthly (Large)

Happy Planner Classic Vertical & Horizontal

Happy Planner Large Vertical & Horizontal

Recollections Spiral-Bound Planners (both standard and large size) Vertical & Horizontal

Mini, Personal and A5 sizing coming soon as a regular option. Other planner sizing available upon request (Plum Paper Planner, Limelife Planner, etc.)

6. Do you like coffee or tea; cats or dogs; cookies or cakes?

Coffee, Cats and do I really have to choose between cookies and cake? Because yes to both. 😊

7. Anything else you would like to share with our readers? Any upcoming sales or codes? 

Upcoming  Giveaway. Awesome discount and a chance to win some really great goodies!

I want to thank Margie for taking the time to chat with us about MPDesigns Co.

My Beautiful Monthly Layout

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