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Have a sore throat or a cough try this to help.

I have come across so many recipes to help with sore throats and coughs. I thought that I would share what I use online. A few weeks ago my husband had a cough and sore throat that had been going around. One of the things I remember my doctor would recommended is honey for sore throats and coughs.

      So I put a few things together to make a cough/throat soother for my husband. What I used to put it together is list below. My husband advised me that it helped with his cough and sore throat. So from now on, I will always make sure that we have lemons and honey in stock during the winter/cold season.

Ingredients that you need: Honey, Lemon, Small Mason Jar

1. I cut my lemon into slices.
2. Put them in the mason jar and pour the honey over it.
3. Let them sit till it becomes a thin syrup. Which in 1/2 hour it should be ready to use.

Can be taken with a regular spoon or put into tea (I put mine into a lemon tea for the extra boost)

Hope this helps, Hugs Keisha

My Bucket List!!!

Does anyone else have a bucket list of things they want to do in there lifetime. I think the bucket list is a wonderful idea, lets you see the things you wanted to do written on paper, pad, or just your phone. You can house your bucket list any place you like as long as you can see it and check off the things that you have done. One of the things I wanted to do was zip lining and I did it this summer. I have to tell you it was awesome an rush like no other. So much so that I went back again. The first time it was me and my sister. I will be totally honest, once we got up there and looked down I was ready to turn back. But we said we were going to do it and we did. It was exhilarating. But still a little scary especially when they guy said just sit and jump (what), but that is what we did.  
Zip Lining Video
Your bucket list is any and everything that you want to do in your life. My bucket list may be a little different then others but that what makes it unique. Below is some of my buc…

Movies that I am looking forward in 2018!!

Who is ready for the movies of 2018. There are so many great movies we are going to touch on a few. We enjoyed the movies a lot this year we saw:
Despicable Me 3 Captain Underpants ( Which I will say was better then I thought it would be)Star Wars (Date Night Movie)Fantastic Beast and where to find themLego Batman  We enjoyed everyone of them. Despicable Me 3 we saw in North Carolina while visiting my Grandparents. One thing I enjoy about the movies here is that we have the popcorn bucket that you buy and can refill for $4.25. Believe me it pays for itself. We have gone to get popcorn and have not seen a movie. Who doesn't love movie theater popcorn. 
I am going to put a link to the trailers if they are available with the release dates of when the movie comes out.
Avenger: Infinity War: Release Date: May 4, 2018 Avengers
Has anyone see all the avengers movies? There is a post on FB going around that will show you all the movies that you need to see in order to fully understand thi…

Book Blast: Heaven's Watcher by Kayden Claremont

This post is part of a virtual book tour organized by Goddess Fish Promotions. Kayden will be awarding a $10 Amazon or B/N GC to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour. Click on the tour banner to see the other stops on the tour.

Leather-wearing, motorcycle riding PI Heaven Vaughan is working undercover in a Las Vegas casino for the DA. She must find the evidence to convict the casino boss of ordering her brother killed, but the tall, dark, sex-on-a-stick head of security is constantly watching her. Just knowing he’s got his monitors focused on her makes her hot, and she can’t help but make sure he has something as equally arousing to look at.

Straight-arrow Darius Turner has one job—to safeguard the people in the casino. The feisty redhead dominating his viewing pleasure is playing havoc with his duties and with his libido. All he wants is to take her up on her teasing invitations, but he can’t let her get too close. If Heaven discovers his true identity, there’ll …

Lets Do a 10 day Challenge!! From: Jan 15 to Jan 24.

Lets do a 10 day challenge! I think this will be so much fun. This will be my first challenge. I think I want to be a little different. So let's get right to it. 
Day 1: Take a picture of your outfit for the day (Jan 15)Day 2: Take a picture of your journal, planner, or how your keep yourself organized (Jan 16)Day 3: Write your name as fancy as you can (Jan 17)Day 4: Take a picture of your drink of the day (Jan 18)Day 5: Take a picture of your work desk or craft desk (Jan 19)Day 6: Post a picture of your favorite accessory ( Jan 20)Day 7: Post a picture of your favorite flower (Jan 21)Day 8: Snap a picture of your favorite coffee/tea cup (Jan 22)Day 9: Post a picture of you and your other half, or bestie (Jan 23)Day 10: Post your 4th picture from your phone ( Jan 24)
I will be posting here, IG, and the FB page. To follow the links are below:
For Instagram use the Hashtag: TSL10day

My 5 favorite song of all time!!!!

Who doesn't love music. Everyone starts to bob their heads when their jam comes on. Over my 30 something years there have been so many hit songs more than I can count. But I am going to share my love of music with you today. 
I am going to try to limit my favorite songs to five ( this is going to be hard). There are so many wonderful artist out there. Some of my favorite artist are: Michael JacksonMary J Blige3 Doors DownAlicia KeysBeyoncé (really who doesn't love at least one song)Madonna
I could go on forever but I will stop there. Let's get to my top 5 favorite song. I will included a YouTube Link so you can hear the song as well.
1. Mary J Blige: Family Affair 2. Monica: Love all Over Me ( This is special because it was the song in my wedding ) 3. Michael Jackson Smooth Criminal 4. BeyoncĂ© Get Me Bodied  (This was also a wedding song) 5. Chaka Khan Aint Nobody   ( This song is for my Husband)
These are my top 5 what are you top five songs or just your favorite song!! 

Journal Prompts

Do you journal or would you like to start journaling? There are so many benefits when you journal. You get to release your thoughts, let go of stress, and most times you will feel so much better. You can get a journal from just about anywhere. Some good stops are the Dollar Store, A.C. Moore, and Michaels. If you get one from A.C. Moore or Michaels, don't forget to sign up for there coupons.

Below are a few thought provoking journal prompts: Write a letter to your younger self.Write about the blessings in your life.What are some things that you have accomplished in your life?Who inspires you?Write a bucket list of 5 things you want to complete in your lifetime?Journal about how your day went?Write about the most memorable times in your life.Make a list of three of your best qualities.Write out your prayer for the day.Journal a mini vision board ( A vision board is things that want to do in life). Here is a picture of my journal for 2018

One things that I would say in regards to j…