Book Stores VS. Tablets

I thought it would be interested to see how tablets compare to Bookstores. Judging by the poll results, bookstores are still a great place to get a good book. Although people do like tablets. I enjoy a tablet and going to the bookstore.

One thing I do want to say is that we need to support our local bookstores. There seems to be less and less bookstores around today. I know personaly in my area, we lost 3 bookstores. We did gain one Acorn Books, great place I have brought several books from there.

I would like to know your thoughts?.

Below are the poll results:

Book Stores
  3 (50%)
Amazon Kindle
  1 (16%)
Google Tablet
  2 (33%)
Barnes and Noble Nook
  0 (0%)                                                 


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