Empowering Oneself (with Book Giveaway)

As you know I am on a two week quest of empowering myself. I am going pull quotes and one liners from Susan Spira books. I am going to list how they inspire me. In order to win one of the books. You will need to comment on your thoughts, and what you are doing to empower yourself. So here we go:

Be True to Yourself and Honest with Yourself
You can't fool you. The truth comes out in all kinda ways. Do things and have values that you believe in. Find reasons to be proud of yourself and the life you are living.
For me this rings true. I am working on being happy were I am in life. Below is a list of things that I am proud of myself for:
  • My beautiful and wonderful family
  • My Garden 
  • Graduating college with a Degree in Behavioral Science. 
What accomplishments in your life are you proud of?
Dont forget to comment to be entered into the book Giveaway.


  1. Being happy where you are in life is a crazy hard thing to do. I am working on that one now. My husband is military and right now we live in a shoe box. Hardest place I have ever tried to live in. But I am trying to look at all the positives of it. We are all healthy and we have a huge yard.

  2. most proud of my kids...next is my creative art...then my garden =)

  3. I would need an empowering course :D
    I'm proud of my little family and graduating from university.


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