Ways to De-Stress!!!

We all get stressed sometimes no matter how calm, cool, and collective we are. There are times when everything is just on your shoulders. You need a break. You have got to step back and breath. I know for me I sometimes let it just build and build. I have found several ways to de-stress and I want to share them with you.

They may not work for you, but you will never know until you try:

  • Listen to Music (sometime upbeat, start singing and dancing)
  • Meditate (there are several websites that could help you get started)
  • Create a relaxation zone (whenever you enter this room or space you let go over everything)
  • Hot Bath (will relax your body and mind)
  • Aromatherapy (for me smelling things like lavender, strawberries)
  • Drinking a cup of tea (for me this and a good book does the trick)

Taking a few minutes for yourself each day. Can do wonders to boost your mood. Have a great day!!!!

One of my Tea Sets


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