Canning: Strawberry Jelly

My first canning experience was wonderful. I was able to make my own Strawberry Jelly. Everyone loved it. I am the only one that usually eats Strawberry Jelly, but it was a hit, I only have 1/2 a jar left.

Tools you need:

Big pot or canning pot
magnetic tool
gripper for the cans
canning jars and lids

The process is not hard you just have to follow the steps. Bowl your jars and lids for about 10 min. Take them out and let air dry on a flat service until you are ready to fill.

The process was not hard at all. I did review several recipes, but just eyed my ingredients. I used strawberries, lemon juice, sugar, and pectin. Once it reduces down to your preferred consistency you are ready to fill your jars.

Once you fill the jar you have to boil them for another few minutes and then take them out and let them cool. I did not open mine until the next day. It was funny I keep going by looking at them. I was too excited to taste my jelly. And it was so worth the wait.



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