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Have you heard of the BlogPal program? I saw the post for the BlogPal program, and thought to myself that would be so neat. So I signed up. I was so excited when I got my email introducing my BlogPal Leah.

Below is a little bit about how the program works:

I got a chance to chat with Justynn about the program:

1. What made you want to start the Blog Pal program?

BlogPal actually started as a complete fluke. I started blogging in April this year and in my "need" to meet other bloggers and be a part of a community I started doing some blogger swap and , penpal programs offered in blogland. This lead me to a Summer Swap and one day out of the blue i recieved an email from Clarissa from The Waste Knot, asking me if we wanted to be blog friend for the month. Somehow I misinterpreted her email and thought that she wanted to start our own swap. I emailed her will all my ideas, and we figured "why not" and started BlogPal.

2. How has the BlogPal Program been received by bloggers?

So far it seems everything is going well! Everyone that signed up to participate is currently participating and I love checking in on their sites to see what they have written about. I think the program is nice because it kicks you out of your comfort zone. I purposely tried to pair bloggers that blog about completely different topics in order to expand their horizons a bit. As far as the topics for each week, each blogger when they signed up had the option of submitting some topic ideas. We chose the most popular ones and added a few of our own for good measure. I think giving them the options and letting them decide with their partner opens up the possibilities of great posts.

3. What do you want bloggers to know about the BlogPal program?

 I want bloggers, especially new bloggers to know the benefits of having blogging friends. People that dont run a blog, or write for a blog don't really know the time and commitment it takes to keep going. There are days when we all feel too tired to edit pictures, stuck in a rut, or comepletly clueless on what to talk about that day. Having blogging friends helps! Knowing there are thousands of other people in the same spot you are in, and being able to day "Hey, have any ideas of a good topic this week" is absolutly priceless. I'd like them to get involved, meet new people and to know this is all for fun. Not every blogger out there will be your best friend, but in the short time that I have been blogging I've meet some incredible people. BlogPal will be a semi-monthly program. The next one starting Novemeber 1st. Sign up will start at the end of October. I'm so excited to hear the feedback and want bloggers to know that the program is MADE for THEM. If something isnt working out, we'll adjust it. This is all for fun, and the chance to meet your new blogging best friend!

Check out the BlogPal page to get more information: Blog Pal Page Link


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