Guilty Pleasures

I hope you all checked out my post from earlier in the week talking about the Blog Pal program. The inspired post selection that me and my blog pal Leah choose is guilty pleasures. With that being said what are my guilty pleasure nail polish, wine glasses, tea sets, and trinkets of any kind. I am total obsessed with nail polish. I think I have over 20 different colors. I have to have the designs to go on my nail too.

 This is my nail kit, my fav colors

My next guilty pleasure is collecting wine glasses. There is nothing like drinking from a nice wine glass. When I have my tea parties we will finish off the party with a wine glass toast.

It is no secret that I love tea sets, I have several. I also host tea parties. Another guilty pleasure tea sets:

Mother of Pearl Tea Set
These are some of my guilty pleasure.
Question: What is your guilty pleasures?



  1. Love those fun nail colors and I too have a little collection of tea cups!

  2. Thanks Leah, with Fall here it is tea time in my house


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