Simple Book Review: The Tooth Adventures of Fanny Nightsky (Fanny Nightsky Adventures) by L. Holler

Simple Book Review

The Tooth Adventures of Fanny Nightsky by L. Hollar
Book Blurb
Fanny Nightsky has a new tooth fairy to train. How much trouble can one fairy cause? Fanny finds out when Zip gets them into one predicament after another. She is ready to give up on him when Zip end up trapped by a cat and it is up to Fanny to rescue him.
*****My Rating*****

Favorite Line from the Book: Peanuts and Popcorn, he was annoying!!! I will be using that one LOL

*****My Thoughts*****

It was a cute book, me and my son enjoyed it. There was a postive message behind the story inspiring children to think of how other children may feel about being in a new sistuation. This is a book I would recommend for all ages, everyone could use a reminder of this important message rolled into a enjoyable story.


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