What questions you should ask before renting a property?

You are now ready to take the next steps from your parents home to your own home. There are several things that you should consider when taking such a big step. First you may want to consider what type of property are you looking to rent a apartment, house, or mobile home? In each of the properties there are pros and cons to renting. Below is a list of items of questions to consider when renting each type of unit.


  • Which level do you want to live on?
  • What if you have loud neighbors, how do you plan on handling the situation?
  • What amenities do they have?
  • Can you have washer and dryer in the unit?
  • If you have pets are they allowed and is there a deposit?
  • How long is my lease for?
  • Are you in a safe neighborhood?


  • What utilities do I have to pay? (ex: trash, water, electric)
  • Is there central air or do I need wall units?
  • How do I heat my home?
  • Where do I park?
  • Do they allow animals and is there a deposit?
  • When is my rent do, if you are late is there a added fee?
  • How do they want the rent cash or check?
  • Do I have to maintain the lawn?
  • How safe if your neighborhood?

Mobile Home:

  • How is the home heated (oil or propane or electric)
  • If oil or propane (who pays you or the landlord)
  • If oil or propane do your research on prices
  • Do you need a lease with the mobile home park ( if applicable) and the landlord)
  • Who pays for utilities?
  • Who maintains the lawn?

There are many questions that you need to ask but these are just some starters. If I have left any out please post them in the comments. 


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