Carnival Birthday your kids will love and is easy on the pocket!!

You child has a birthday coming up. You have no idea what your theme will be. How about an indoor or outdoor carnival. I know your thinking that is a lot of work. I am going to share some tips to make your carnival party theme a success.

  1. Rubber Ducks with numbers 1-5 (if they pick number three they get prize)
  2. Rice bag in the bucket ( if they get 1/3 in the bucket they get a prize)
  3. Pebble Toss (if they toss the pebble past the chalk marker they get prize)
  4. Sand Art station

add food coloring to the rice

Below is  things you need to set up, and what to use:

1. 5 rubber ducks numbered at the bottom in a little kids pool or plastic round bucket
2. Big bag of rice  (separated into 3 sandwich bags) sealed, three small buckets placed apart ( you can also cover the bag with different pieces of fabric).
3. Use chalk to draw the winning marker for your toss, you can use rocks or colored pebbles
4. Get Sand Art kits, put the colored sand in plastic containers and place bottles out at the station with sand.

For prizes you can get two big bags of candy and the variety pack of birthday prizes and mix in 3 buckets. Children can pick whatever prize they like.

For an extra special touch have popcorn in bags or cotton candy.

Let me know how your parties go!!! 


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