Getting Prepared for the New School Year


It is that time again, Fall season means back to school time. Time to regulate bed times, get together school clothes, check school supply lists. One thing I like to do before the school year is to review school year rules. During the summer it is a totally different set of rules. I am more flexible with bed times and TV times. But during the school year, it is on point time. A neat trick is to post the rules so you can refer the kids to them, when they question one and they will.

Below are some of the things I do to get ready for the upcoming school year:

  • Print of school supply list from school website
  • Check my school supply stash
  • Go through clothes to see what items they need
  • The weeks leading up to the beginning of school check sales flyer's for ads
  • Buy tissue boxes and  hand sanitizer
  • Check the school website for Meet the Teacher day
  • Sign up for weekly school newsletter (they usually are done by email)
  • If your child's school has a Home Access system( this can be used to check grades) sign up.

Hope this helps you get prepared for the upcoming school year.

P.S. But yourself a new tea cup and some tea for those ugghh days (lol)


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