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This has been on my mind lately. I just have to say that I want our young women of today to view themselves in a better light. I am not stating that every young women thinks they have to dress a certain way to get attention, but it sure seems like it some days. I have seen more body parts then I care or need to. There is nothing left to the imagination. I just want them to view their bodies as a treasure that someone special only needs to view.  There are ways to dress sexy and classy and not look trashy. Just think of the kind of attention you are getting,  it is not the good kind. If a man is only looking at you for that, then he is not the one for you.

What are your thoughts? Is it only me that feels this way?



  1. I dress like a guy I've been told I need to girl myself up but I like my look it's comfy . I'd feel naked if I started wearing shirts that showed my cleavage & its not comfy to me . To each his or her own I say dress the way you like.

  2. I agree, if you dress like a $2 hooker you may get attention but from what?! There is nothing left to the imagination anymore.

  3. I agree. Dressing like a lot of young people dress is not cute. It brings the wrong type of attention. This is coming from someone who is 22. I don't dress like that because I don't want that type of attention.

  4. It's a breakdown of the millenials.

  5. Yes!!! I agree!!!! Young girls need to learn modesty and to respect themselves. It needs to be taught at home and parents need to model it to their children. They also must protect their child and not allow them to watch all the crap on TV!!!


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