Simple Book Review: If I Should Die Before My Dog by Joe and Cathy Connolly

Simple Book Review

Book Blurb:

A thought provoking check list for dog lovers, who unfortunately and with much sadness can no longer take care of their dog. This book will assist those who want to prepare for their dogs future in an easy to use format that will guide them through the process of telling the "story" of their dogs life, for their pets "Next Guardian". None of us can predict the future, but in the event situations arise such as death, health impairment or left with no other choice but to give them up, this book will be there to assist your beloved pet with the transition from one home to another
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*****My Thoughts*****
Have you every thought what will happen to my dog after when I die. This book will give you the feeling of security when it comes to your dog. This book will allow you to prepare the next cargiver with vital information regarding your dog. Some of the questions are things that I would have never considered that a caregiver would need to know. For instance -Your dog's medical history, medications they may take, their favorite foods. Some of the other questions that really stuck out to me were: Things that may scare me, Your dogs favorite toys, My personality, and How I do riding in the car? This book is geared to dogs, but can be used with any animal.
This book will ensure that the caregiver for your dog will be able to care for him or her in the best way possiable. At this present time I do not have a dog, but this would be something that I would want to pass on to the caregiver of my animal.


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