Interview with Joan Ranquet of Communication with All Life (Meditation Cd and Guide Book)

Although Communication with All Life is about animal communication, it isn’t just a how-to book, but a guide that will help you discern how much you’re already exchanging feelings, words, and pictures with your pet. Woven throughout the book are many stories to illustrate and support the theory that animal communication isn’t something that you do or need to learn . . . it just is.
By tuning in telepathically, Joan Ranquet has helped thousands of people and animals deepen their connections with each other, resolve behavioral problems, assist in the process of death and dying, and examine issues surrounding illness and accidents. Many of the situations that are dealt with throughout the book are actually people—perception problems rather than stories of an ill-behaved dog, cat, horse, bird, or other pet.

Communication with All Life illustrates how to move past the emotional patterns that create unwanted behavior and ultimately demonstrates that animal companions give humans the opportunity to enact leadership and responsibility in their thoughts and feelings to ensure harmony at home.

Today we are chatting with Joan about her meditation CD and Guide Book:

1. What inspired you to do a mediation CD?

I knew that other people have difficulty connecting with animals > because they can't quiet their mind - so the idea of a guided  meditation is for them to be guided to get out of their own head and be in a neutral space.

 2. Which would you choose and why? (Cat or dog, coffee or tea, cake or > cookies)

I could never choose - I love both for different reasons. I am both  very private and very public. The dog brings out the social nature in me, the need to have fun and be out in the world. The cat, while they can be fun and funny also - lets me be a little more quiet, contemplative and I can simply co-exist without having to do or be anything.

3. What types of animals have you worked with in the past?

 I work with dogs, cats, horses, birds, ferrets, big lizards, dolphins,  elephants, you name it!

Would love to work with dolphins. I do not have any animals in my life at this time, but Joan gifted me a CD and Guidebook that I am giving to one lucky reader.

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