Would you like Son/Daughter to get a letter for Santa

Would you love to see the look on your little persons face when they received a letter from Santa. Well check out my review of Santa's letter and get your own for 25% off. My son received this letter and was too excited to open his letter.

The letter came in shining red paper address to my little guy stating it came from Santa at the North Pole. My little guy could not wait to tear into his personalized letter. The letters had a great personal touch  talking about the things he wanted for Christmas and how well he is doing in school.

The ordering process is very easy. You put you child's information in and they customize the letter to fit your child. Your child will receive a letter from Santa, Randolph, and a certificate for being on the nice list. I would recommend this to all parents. This would be a great start to any child's Christmas

To get you Santa's letter for 25% off use the coupon code pwrspot 25. This code will expire on 12/17/13. Website link is listed below:

Santa'Letter website link

Hope your children enjoy Santa's letter as much as mine.

The Simple Things in Life received this product in exchange for an honest review. The opinions and thought shared are my own.


  1. I love sending Santa letters to my son. I do it a bit old fashioned though. I print out a cute design and then hand write the letter to him so it's super personal. He's 3 this year so I think he will understand it a bit more. The holidays are so much fun as a parent.


    Twinkling Trees

  2. Kimberly, that is neat idea. Have to try that one. I also have a 3 who is getting into Christmas. Christmas is my favorite time with the kids putting up the tree and decorations.


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