Tea Week Post#1: Types of Tea and there benefits.

There are many benefits that you can gain from tea. Tea host a variety of antioxidants that are great for the body. Tea has been said to protect against heart disease, help fight some types of cancers, and help you maintain overall good health. Today we are going to talk about several different teas and how they can help you to maintain good health.

Green Tea is very popular here is the US, but did you know that Green Tea was first discovered in Asia. The best green tea is said to be Gyokuri which comes from Japan. Green Tea helps reduce free radicals that play a vital part in the aging process and some diseases. Green Tea is said to increase your metabolism. So have a cup of green tea in the morning before you jog.

Next we are to talk about Black Tea. If you are an Iced Tea lover, this is the tea you would use. Black Tea can be compare to some light coffees due to the caffeine factor. The most popular Black Tea is Earl Grey. Black Tea can help with diabetes, high cholesterol, and some heart disease. So before you reach for that cup of coffee try a cup of Earl Grey tea instead.

Our next tea is White Tea. This is the purest form of tea there is. This is due to the brewing process, this also mean the flavor is light. Which makes it good to pair with fruits. White Tea was the preferred drink of the royal families in China. The best White Tea is Silver Needle which is only harvested 2 days out of the year. So if you love flavored tea, try a White Tea with your favorite fruits. White Tea comes in so many flavors. My favorite is White tea with raspberries.

We are going to touch on the  few teas because I think they are good with health  prevention:

Oolong Tea- good tea for promoting weight loss, boosts metabolism, and contains fat blocking enzymes. Add this tea to you diet plan.

Valerian Root Tea- Has properties that can help promote falling asleep in a natural way. So the next time you are having trouble sleeping try a cup the this tea.

Ginger Tea- if you have any problems with inflammation this is the tea for you . Ginger Tea is said to help with headaches. So the next time you feel a headache coming on try some ginger tea you might be surprised by your results.

Nettle Tea-if you have allergies you might want to pick up some Nettle Tea. It can help with a stuffy nose and itchy eyes. So maybe a cup a night during allergy season could reduce your symptoms.

I hope that you have enjoyed our lessons in teas. Now on to our giveaway!!!!!! Good Luck

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(Research resources from Teavana, Web MD and Dr OZ) 


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