10 Ways to spend to spend your taxes!!!!

It's tax season, how do you plan to spend your money. Below I am going to list 10 ways to put your tax money to good use. Hopefully they can help you elevate some stress this year. Prices keep rises and it does look like they are dropping any time soon. So here we go:

  1. Pay off any debts you have (ex: pay off your credit card)
  2. Pay extra on you monthly bills (ex: electric, cell phone)
  3. Book a vacation ( pay it in full)
  4. Stock up on groceries ( you can never have to many groceries)
  5. Stock up on household items ( ex: toilet paper, tissues)
  6. Pay off large expense if possible( ex: car)
  7. Save money in addition to regular savings
  8. Add money to IRA
  9. Get maintainance done you car(ex: oil change, breaks fixed)
  10. By yourself and your family something nice

Each year I get something the 5 of us and my parents and my mother-in-law something. It feel good to give them a little surprise. Whatever you go make it count.


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