Blogiversary# 2: Guest Post with Dani Harper of Storm Bound

New Twist on Celtic Faerie Legends

Dani Harper’s new Grim Series is bringing ancient Celtic folklore, hot faeries, and even hotter heroes into modern-day America! Book 1 is Storm Warrior, and Book 2, Storm Bound, has just been released. Book 3, Storm Warned, is underway.

I love a good ghost story and a ghost dog story is even better! One of my favorite Welsh folktales provided inspiration for my new Grim Series. The Grim is a legendary canine with many names: the Black Dog, the gwyllgi or barghest, the Dog of Darkness, or even the Hound of Destiny. The faery creature most often resembles a giant mastiff, larger than any living dog, and its eyes are often red and glowing.

The original myth dates all the way back to Celtic times in Wales. The Black Dog is Death’s Messenger, and those who see the animal are usually destined to die very soon. The dog appears without warning, follows and sometimes even chases people – yet vanishes without a trace! Electrical storms are often associated with the dog’s appearance.

In its defense, however, the Grim hasn’t always been threatening, at least, not to the innocent. This made me wonder – what if the ghostly creature had a conscience, a sense of right and wrong? And what if the Grim wasn’t really a dog at all? Those questions inspired the series.

Many readers know me for my shapeshifter stories, but the transition from writing about shapeshifters to Celtic faeries was easier than you might think. With a Welsh grandmother close by, I grew up on tales of the Fair Folk, the Fae, the Sidhe, the Tylwyth Teg, etc. My little town library had an abundance of British faerie lore on its shelves. So it feels natural to be telling some of these tales myself – and putting my own twist on them.

A word of warning, however: These faerie stories are definitely intended for an adult audience!

Book Blurb from Storm Bound

Kidnapped on his wedding day in the twelfth century and forced into a thousand years of servitude by a cold-hearted faery princess, rugged blacksmith Aidan dreams of nothing but revenge on his captor. Then the spell of a beautiful witch awakens him to the present day—and a passionate desire. But to build a future, he must first confront his past…

Modern witch and magic-shop owner Brooke doesn’t think her life is missing anything, until a wayward enchantment lands a brooding medieval blacksmith in her spell room — and in her arms. Yet even after their passion proves to be truly magical, Aidan’s first commitment is to vengeance. Now Brooke must team up with friends and ancient warriors alike—and push her own powers to their limits—to save her love from the wrath of an evil fae.


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An MP3-CD of Storm Bound, narrated by actress Justine Eyre

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