Summer Nails Post #1

Summer Nails

Well it is that time of the year again. The time to take out all your summer nail colors. They have plenty of hot new colors for you to try. They also have a few new products on the market. I have put together a few new styles and designs for you this year.

Memorial Day Nails (Red, Blue, and White nail art pen)

 Nails is somethings that me and my daughter love to do together.

Mommy and Daughter Nail (Pink, Light Blue and Silver Nail Art Pen)

I paint my sister and my nieces nail as well. My niece loves to see my nail kit when I come over. She will say to me Auntie my nail are not done, after her nails are done she will say Auntie my feet not done lol.

One of my favorites (Pink, Sparkle Blue at the tips, and Purple and Pink Nail Art Pen) 

Lime Green, Blue, with Glitter Nail Art Pen

My favorite nail polish to use is Sally Henson. It coats the nail the best. There will be more nail designs and hot colors to come.  If you have any cute nail designs and would like to share. Please post your pictures on the facebook page (


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