Million Dollar Question: Are you getting enough sleep!!!!

Sleep as a child you never wanted to do, and as an adult you can never get enough off. So the question of the day is are you getting enough sleep you be the judge. Take a week and write down what time you get up and what time you go to sleep in a little note pad by your bed This will help you really judge if you are getting enough sleep to rejuvenate your body. So your thinking what does she mean? Well, let's talk about what happens to your body if you are not getting enough sleep

Effects of not getting enough sleep on your brain:
  • Effects brain function
  • Effects your ability to learn and remember new things
  • Effects your attention span
  • Has been linked to depression
  • Could effect your decision making skills
  • Effect your ability to control your emotions
That last one make me think, if I am tired I am extra crabby and I really get irritated quickly. Have you thought about how much sleep you need? Check how much sleep your body needs, by going to bed at 9pm one day, 10pm the next day, and 11pm the last day and see how you feel each morning. Remember to write the results in your notepad.

Next we will move on to how sleep effects your body:
  • Can increase your risk of disease such as high blood pressure, stoke, and obesity
  • Can effect your hormone levels and blood sugar
  • Effects your immune system which needs sleep to help protect our bodies
Hence, you need sleep to rejuvenate your body literally. In doing my research the NIH (National Institute of Health) talks about Mircosleep which is very interesting but very scary at the same time. They describe it as moments of sleep when your normally awake. The example that they provide is when your driving somewhere and you don't remember part of the trip. Seriously that is a little scary especially behind the wheel of a car.

Below is a chart of the recommended sleep time for all ages, when compiling information to gauge if you are getting enough sleep you can use this as a reference.

AgeRecommended Amount of Sleep
Newborns16–18 hours a day
Preschool-aged children11–12 hours a day
School-aged childrenAt least 10 hours a day
Teens9–10 hours a day
Adults (including the elderly)7–8 hours a day
NIH Chart

So what are your next steps if you conclude that you are not getting enough sleep. Keep reading for some tips on how to improve your sleep quality. First you want to find out how much sleep your body needs to be properly rested and functioning for the next day. To do that follow the routine listed above in regards to sleep hours. Below are a few tips to help you along the way:
  • Have a set time to turn off all electronic devices (phones, tablets, TV)
  • Have a bedtime routine (this will help your body whine down and signal your brain that it is time to sleep)
  • Make sure the temperature in your room is right for sleep conditions ( if you are too hot or too cold you could be waking up during the night and disturbing your sleep patterns)
  • Use soothing sounds (they have thunderstorm's, rain, and an assortment of sounds) You can use them on your phone or tablet and set them on a timer.
These are some suggestions but there are so many things to do. You have to choose which one works for you. Take it back to the good old days of counting sheep (laughing). Whatever you do get the rest that your body needs so it can be in tip top shape. In the comments let me know if you have a sleep routine and what helps you fall asleep. Until next time

Hugs, Keisha


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  1. Thanks for sharing this! I certainly don't get enough sleep. I am guilty of not having set time to turn off all electronic devices, which I need to start doing! Can't wait to sleep in tonight haha


  2. Me too putting up electronics is a hard thing for me too. Enjoy sleeping in I know I will.

  3. According to the chart, I do get enough sleep, but I always feel I could use more. I do wear a UA Band to sleep which tracks how long I sleep and typically it's about 7.5 hours (even when I don't set my alarm). I find the biggest help is turning off those electronic devices an hour before bedtime!

    1. That is my biggest issue is the electronics, working on it.

  4. I definitely do not get enough sleep. I've tried to regulate my sleep cycles for a while and failed. I'm also super guilty of not turning off my electronic devices.

    Adventures in Aussieland

    1. I understand that is one of reasons I did this post. We don't get enough sleep but need to know some of the reasons why we feel the way we do some days.

  5. I know I don't get enough sleep. Don't have a problem with the electronics issue, but the toddler is another story. Enjoyed reading this blog. Definitely something to sleep on (pun intended.)

    1. Have an pre-teens and a little guy completely understand 🙂


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