What we all need more of motivation!!!!

Hello Everyone,

On my way home I realized that we need more motivation in our lives. Their are some of us that are in those front line jobs (case managers, teachers, state workers, police, fire fighters the list could go on for days) who don't always get that you did a great job today. So we need to remember to always keep our motivation bank up. You ask what is a motivation bank? I am by no means a motivational speaker, but I realize the needs for this in our everyday lives. A motivational bank is when you fill your motivation meter up so you are always on full. Below are some things that you can do to keep your motivation bank full:

  • Keep a journal listing all the good things that happened each day
  • Put post-its on your desk at work and mirrors at home with motivation quotes ( such as you did a great job today, Smile and make someone else's day)
  • It may sound crazy but just asking someone how their day went and really listening, it makes them and you feel good. Believe me I do this all the time
  • Do a life board (places you want to go, things you want to do) it will keep you motivated to achieve those goals.
  • Take care of self don't forget to do those things in life that make you happy.

If you have any things you do to keep yourself motivated, please share in the comments. We have to help each other stay motivated!!!

Hugs Keisha



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