Professional Readers Box by Brenda Novak

Hello fellow readers I have a treat for your today. I had a chance to chat with Brenda Novak about her Professional Readers Box. It is a box that brings books and goodies right to your door, who can beat that. Check out my chat below:

1. What inspired you to create the Professional Readers Box? 

I wanted to do something extra special for my online book group. They're an amazing bunch of bookworms--I adore them--and am always trying to think of something they might enjoy. My daughter, who works for me, suggested the boxes, and they have been so well-received that we've quickly had to gear up to do a lot more than we ever planned.

2. What typically goes in your boxes? And what is the price of the box?

The contents change every month. If I have a release out that month, it includes an autographed copy of my new book. If I don't have a release, I feature a guest author in the group and the box. Many of May's boxes included an autographed copy of Robyn Carr's new book, ANY DAY NOW. Once we established which autographed books the box will include (we often offer a choice between the featured author and one of my backlist books, just to give people options), we choose a theme. For May that theme was tea, so the box included a vintage, hand-picked teacup and saucer, a hand-picked vintage hanky, Earl Grey tea, Lavender-Lemon tea cookies (with the recipe), a pack of notecards with a cute saying about tea, a refrigerator magnet with the same saying and a cute little "teapot" tea diffuser. As an added surprised, we slipped in an autographed copy of Debbie Mason's new book. We always add at least one surprise. 

June's box will contain an autographed copy of NO ONE BUT YOU, my brand new release, out this month on the 30th, a leather journal embossed with the reader's initials, a pen that goes in the slot in the journal and an autographed recipe card of one of my favorite recipes, plus a surprise item. 

Our boxes are $40 plus tax ($13), so $53 total and can be purchased on the store on my website:

3. Where can peoples access the information to order your box? The Book Group page on my website explains what the boxes are and has a link to the store on my website, where they can be purchased:

4. Do you collaborate with other authors to be featured in the Professional Readers Box?

I feature other authors, but they have no input on what goes in the boxes. I invite them to include their book, if they'd like, and most are very gracious about doing so.

5. Is there anything else that you would like us to know about your Professional Reader's Box?

We have annual and monthly subscriptions, or people can guy individual boxes. There is a little savings when you purchase an annual subscription. We've had a blast putting them together and planning out future boxes. I think they're a really fun thing to get in the mail and hope my readers will continue to enjoy them. 

Hope you all enjoyed my chat with Brenda. Let me know if you purchased a Professional Readers Box and your thoughts? Also check out Brenda Facebook Book Club wonderful group.

Hugs, Keisha


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