Sticker Shop of the Month: J and J Sticker Co (Giveaway)

Hello Everyone,

We are going to do a series called Sticker Shop of the Month. This is for all my planner pals out there. We are going to interview a sticker shop the 25th of each month. We will also host a giveaway for that shop. The first shop we are featuring is J and J Sticker Co.

Name: Annie Chapin
Shop: J and J Sticker Co
IG: @jandjstickerco
Facebook Group (if applicable): JandJStickerCo Fans
Twitter: @jandjstickerco
Location: Las Vegas, NV

About me: I am an only child of a single mother and the only girl, so I was a little spoiled as a child!!! I was born in Minnesota and grew up in Florida and moved to Nevada when I was an adult after going through 2 hurricanes and being threatened by another. I grew up to be a social worker helping the elderly and disabled. I am married and have a fur baby! I now live in Sin City!!! Well, I live in Las Vegas, but don’t do a whole lot of sinning!!

1. What motivated you to open J and J Sticker Co? How long have you been open?
I got into planning about 6 months ago. I was loving the different stickers, but it seemed like a lot of stores used the same art, so I wanted to do something a little different. So I looked for different art and different icons. I wanted to open a store but couldn’t decide on a logo or name, but one night at like 2 in the morning, I woke up just knowing. My grandparents (Jim and Joyce) passed away several years ago, we were very close. When I was in Florida last year for my cousin’s wedding, two bright orange butterflies suddenly appeared and started to fly and dance around my cousin and his bride during the ceremony, I know it was my grandparents! So the name is J and J Sticker Co and the logo is a butterfly made out of two letter Js! I have only been open for a couple of weeks!!! 

2. What is your favorite sticker from your collection?

I think my favorite kit is the Enjoy Life Kit but I will be coming out with the Enchanted series soon which is a set of 4 kits that all match and have the same feel! They will be able to be used together or separately.

3. How often do release new items?

I am planning to release a couple of new kits every week or so, I am also working on designing for the classic Happy Planner and the mini Happy Planner.

4. When you aren't busy with your shop or planning, what would we find you doing?
In my other life I am a social worker working with the disabled and elderly full time, so I am only able to work on my shop in the afternoon or weekends, oh, also sleeping and eating and spending time with my husband in there too!!!

5. What are some exclusive items in your shop a planner wouldn't find anywhere else? What makes your shop unique?
I touched on this a little in an earlier question, but I look for art that hasn’t been used by 56 other shops. I want to do different art and some unique things are coming up!!

6. Do you like coffee or tea; cats or dogs; cookies or cakes?
Oh, this one is a little harder:  I prefer coffee but will drink tea on occasion; I love dogs but also cats, but am allergic to cats, so can’t have any; Cookies or cakes??? That's the hardest, I think I would have to go with cake because there is more of it!!!

7. Anything else you would like to share with our readers?
Any upcoming sales or codes? I joined Annie's PR team so you can use the code KEISHA25 for 25% of your purchases. I am thinking of joining one of the group sales that are coming up (something like the Planner Girl Exclusive or the Monthly Planner Madness) stay tuned to my Instagram to find out!!!

It looks so beautiful in my planner!!

Annie has gracious provide us with a kit for a giveaway. Please click this link to enter:

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. I have 3 Happy Planner Classics that I'm currently using.

  2. Recollections and Mini Happy Planner and TN's


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